Killer Cocktail : Arnab And Kejri On the Rocks

So what if dear Kejru couldn’t hit half-a-ton. It’s time for round two, folks. Mission Bollywood bachao! On our delectable parody platter today we’ll serve you the idle, oops ideal, crusader for anti-corruption—Arvind Kejriwal. And his bhrashtachar blah and marvelous histrionics are matched by the one whose flair for monologues is parallel to none—Arnab Goswami.

Enjoy this hilarious video by The Viral Fever, where Delhi’s ex-CM is the flag bearer of Bollywood Aam Aadmi Party, demanding a ScreenPal Bill to bring out original screenplays. You nailed it man! I’ll buy you a beer. So in Arnab’s biased debate the fiery panel also discusses various burning issues of Bollywood—conspiracy to relaunch Uday Baba, his pending apologies for his past movies (I swear we need this!), employment schemes for Shetty Anna and Ashmit Patel, overprized popcorn bills, scam of 90 minutes in art cinema, and the launch of the Shuklas, Bansals and Mahapatras of the country.

What did you say? You still didn’t get the ground rule for Arnab? Never ever…ever ever…ever mess with an honest actor…err anchor…err damn what he calls himself…journalist! He is a real honest journo who is the self-proclaimed voice of India. You wanna stop his soliloquies on prime time? I dare you. I dare you twice. We all know the shahzada’s plight!

Wanna top the platter with some cherries? Savor this awesome Arnab remix by Raka Ashok of the same video.

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