Wacky Lyrics Of The 90s : Of Poisonous Kisses, Electrocuting Men And Erections

Once a great man lip-synced, “Is it poison? Or is it love? Your kiss.”  And this was not the only time something outrageously funny was hummed in a Bollywood song in the 90s.  Sample this – “Back marta hai, f…ront marta hai. Dekho yeh ladka current marta hai.” Perhaps the songs in B grade films of the same decade had more farcical lyrics but let us not even go there. We have enough of them in the A grade ones to enlist here. One might wonder what were the songwriters thinking (or rather smoking)?

The lyrics might sound ludicrous but these tracks now have a cult status and you might often bump against one of them in some form on social media. A popular one that trends on FB walls and Twitter timelines is about convincing your lover to never leave you by using fast food metaphors. Bappi Da not only tries to appease the aural senses but also the palate. Another song that uses metaphors in a novel way sees Jaggu Dada dancing around. This one might not be considered quirky if you listen to the music in isolation. But watch the video where the hero croons, “Kya gaadi hai, kya number hai. Kya body hai, Kya bumper hai…” not very subtly implying a stunning Sangeeta Bijlani and you will realize its quirkiness. It is a well-known secret that Mohd. Azharuddin wooed Sangeeta Bijlani performing similar antics but used a cricket ball instead of a car.

No, not. Just kidding. Now most of these numbers from the 90s have possibly ended up unintentionally in the ‘’so bad it’s good” category. But there are others which were definitely written only to bemuse, particularly the lyrics for songs in Kollywood/ Tollywood films dubbed in Hindi. One can understand the difficulty of revising the lyrics of an already recorded song but the writers who did it surely had a blast. Kamal Hassan refers to Manisha Koirala’s laugh as a ringtone in one such track, and asks if she was designed by Brahma on a computer (MS Paint perhaps?). Then further vows not to spare a single man or woman (he forgot 377 here) in her neighborhood. Manisha goes one step further and sings that she will not allow him to touch a female mannequin in a showroom (inspiration for the ban on mannequins in Bombay?). The list is long and everyone has their favorites but not many would disagree that this song clearly “stands out”. What…the…F***?

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