Band Crush : Caro Emerald


Draped in vintage flea market dresses and 1940’s fascinators, trimmed in bright red lipstick and dangerous eye shadow, Caro Emerald is not your run of the mill pop diva. Starting out as a nightclub singer in Holland, this endless Miss Emerald has a new album on offer and appears to have emerged with something of a gem.

Her back catalogue is a sepia tinged sound trip into jazz-induced nostalgia flavoured by funk and hip-hop. Her voice beats like a butterfly into summer, powerful yet mystically graceful.

Her debut, Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor, is a kaleidoscope of jazz samples and 50’s style ditties about sex and love and loss. In “A Night Like This” her exuberant love letter is pierced with longing hooks like, “I have never dreamed it, could you ever dream a night like this.” Hip-hop undercurrents lurk in every track.

With her latest, The Shocking Miss Emerald, she journeys relentlessly into a South American soul. Stand out tracks include “Liquid Lunch“, a four-minute explosion of melody and urban beats tormented by a sneaking Spanish guitar. There are also murky 007 themes that surface along with reminiscent nods to “Frontier Psychiatrist” by The Avalanches.

As a whole, it’s a quivering mass moving through the mind of a woman scorned. If you let her, Miss Caro will take your hand and lead you in a dance through a world of smoky bars and cinematic sunsets straight out of Garbo and Bogart.


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