Mission Norah: Accomplished

Norah Jones in Delhi

What happens when the great Norah Jones decides to come to India for a tour? Well obviously, the tickets get sold out within days and produce “Little Broken Hearts” of many fans like me. Determined on my quest and due to kind strangers who were ready to part with their precious ticket, I luckily somehow stepped into Sirifort Auditorium, New Delhi on 5th March.

M. Ward put on quite a show for an hour and a half setting the mood right. I could see everyone around me either tapping fingers, feet or letting the body feel the music. The bass guitarist with his country cap stole my heart with some incredible riffs and energy. Kudos, for such a brilliant start and making me discover a new artist to follow.

Then stepped in the main act of the night, the petite yet charming Norah Jones with her smiley band that took to their grand instruments. I could feel my heart racing as I couldn’t believe I had actually made it. And the goose bumps just followed there on when the brilliant display of lights flooded the stage with light enabled paper birds which looked like doves or swans alternating lights with the beats of the songs! I couldn’t believe my ears or my eyes. That’s challenging two senses at once! With every song, she drew everyone into her world. Mixing it up with tempo tracks like ‘Chasing Pirates’, ‘Creep on you’, ‘Happy Pills’, ‘Little Broken Hearts’ and her slow trademarks like ‘Painters’ Song’, ‘Don’t Know Why’, ‘What Am I To You?’, and continuously singing for almost 2.5 hours, she got through each one. And when she played a red electric guitar, acoustic guitar, the piano, the audience, the stage, the band… huh? What? Everything? Yes!

The semi rock version of ‘Come Away With Me’, also the last song of the night particularly remained in my mind. Maybe because it was the last one and a perfect end to a perfect evening,or the fact that I enjoyed that she took the track away from its original composition and gave it a pop-rock swagger, accompanying on the guitar herself. I cannot not specially mention the guitarist Jason Roberts. After so long, I saw someone having so much fun with the strings and going crazy ballistic on them. He was on fire! And yes, fire in a jazz-blues concert.

I ‘Don’t know why’ anyone would’ve missed this.

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