Savita Bhabhi Screws India


What’s up with the Indian porn explosion? Evidently the culture’s coming of age has taken a tasty new twist with the creation, release and consumption of The Democracy’s very first animated fu*k flick.

You’ve heard about it. Hell, you probably found the torrent before we did. Or maybe you’re one of the lucky few that can afford to spend $30 for 30 minutes of sucky-fu*ky to stroke yourself to. The point is, with enough traffic to rank in the top 2000 sites in India and to break the top 20,000 sites on the whole porn-obsessed planet, this Savita B is hotter than Halle Berry right now.

It strikes us that this cartoon, its characters, and the explicit variety of sexual congress that the movie showcases might signal a watershed moment in the collective Indian consciousness. We’ve never really seen our bhabis look, act or talk like this before, getting poked and penetrated 9 ways to Bombay. For that matter, we’ve never really seen our young men wield such large angry co*ks around this way either. We’ve also never ever watched cartoons have sex and speak Hindi simultaneously.

So what does it mean? What exactly does it signal? How is it going to change the essential Indian identity? Saala, how the fu*k are we supposed to know? The only thing we can say for sure is that there’s something Super about this Savita B and if we were betting types, which we are, we’d lay money on three things:

1. Savita B has a long and dickstinguished career ahead of her.
2. Indian Porn Empire appears destined to live up to its name.
3. Our young ones are growing up with a whole new sense of sex.

Last question before we leave you to go get your jollies: Who is this Deshmukh chap that came up with the character? What’s his story? Drop us a line if you’ve got scoop on this dude, we’d like to know.

As another cartoon once famously stuttered, that’s all folks.

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