The World According To Amit Sadh


In the song Amazing by Aerosmith, there is a line that goes “you have to learn to crawl, before you learn to walk.” This is what the actor Amit Sadh said to me in our recent conversation, nestled in the lavish surroundings of London’s Dorchester Hotel. He was referring to the state of mind one has to have when it comes to the creative yet capricious world of acting.

Amit has experienced the many ups-and-downs of life as an actor, as his friends were studying for Post-Graduate degrees and PHD’s, he was traversing the hinterland of film and TV. I was curious to know, with the Hindi film industry being such a goliath that can make or break an individual, how you make yourself stand out from the crowd, and more importantly, how you keep your sanity!

It’s simple he said, it’s all down to positive thinking, you must genuinely enjoy all the experiences that life throws at you, so often rejection can turn into self-doubt and that is dangerous. I perfected my craft a lot, including going to New York to study; I found out pretty quickly that you have to be honest with yourself and your craft. If you do this, everything falls into place and you are able to grow and cultivate yourself, keeping a healthy state of mind.

Acting is a liberating profession; it gives you the opportunity to explore not just yourself, but the lives and minds of others. I get the sense that at the age of 30, I’ve evolved at a considerably faster rate than my friends in other professions. I genuinely feel I understand the world a lot better.

Finally hitting the big time, Amit has not let it go to his head, in-fact I felt magnificent warmth emanating from him, here is a man who hasn’t become overwhelmed by the ephemeral trappings of fame and the media spotlight. He was calm, collected, polite and most importantly of all down to earth. This being the case, I wondered whether Amit worries that now fame has arrived, does he fear being taken advantage of by false friends, seeing him as means to an end.

I’m not so cynical as to think like that he says, I fundamentally believe that if you’re a good person you will attract good people. There are many around the world who genuinely love me and what I do, and that is so humbling, it’s a feeling which is hard to explain in words. Again, I think it’s all about having a positive state of mind, if you think too cynically it can lead you down a self-destructive path.

I couldn’t possibly speak to Amit without mentioning Kai Po Che! The first thing he said was reading through that script felt like it was God sent. I had read Chetan Bhagat’s The 3 Mistakes of My Life (which the film is based upon) a few years previous and fell in love with it instantly. It was an exciting project to work on, as playing the character of Omi involved a lot of method and an equal amount of emotion, it was difficult to go back to being myself once the director said cut.

I was just one of the many millions of people who felt a real connection and affinity with the film and its characters, so I wanted to understand whether there was a particularly unique process that went into creating Kai Po Che!

Working with Sushant Singh Rajput, Rai Kumar Yadav and especially the director Abhishek Kapoor was an experience I’ll never forget. We were all like minded people, so the whole process ran very smoothly, Abhishek gave us great freedom to explore our characters, if we felt something needed to be added we would discuss it together, and he would more often than not include it. It was a very healthy environment to be in. Moreover, to get into character, I took part in a lot of workshops and learned how to get the Gujarati accent down as best as I could.

Amit is simply a man who loves his profession and the world around him. With the adoration of millions across the globe and a career which is reaching the dizzying heights of superstardom, Amit’s clear-headed serenity will help keep his feet firmly on the ground, whatever happens.

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