Spin That Vinyl : Parov Stelar


“The Mojo Radio Gang”, happened to be the first one I heard from this sensation of a band. Plug it on loud or on the headphones, it’s going to flow through you anyhow…

What starts off as a regular pop sounding track turns into this massive explosion of jazz notes on pianos, saxophones, and foot tapping beats. That loop can very well play in your head moments after the song has ended.

The Austrian musician, Marcus Füreder founded his own label called Etage Noir Recordings because no one believed in his sound when he first started off. Hard to imagine! He said in an interview with ClickZoomBytes, that he got the idea of the name ‘Parov Stelar’ while doing a bank-robbery, “I always have the best ideas in extreme situations”. And his sense of humor is evident enough from the fun and frolics in his music. You must try “Booty Swing”… another popular swinger transporting you to another time and scene with the sax sprayed all over it. Classic!

With 9 albums in about 14 years, Coco being probably the most celebrated one, he is an inspiration to musicians all around the world to dare to be different. I love Coco, the track itself. Featuring Lilja Bloom, it’s an introduction to what this band is all about…slow and soothing with mellow vocals merging into electronic beats. Diversely enough, “Matilda” in this album gives a rock feel with the drums playing a more significant role. “Catgroove” is another high-tempo track with trademark Stelar sound and ideal for a chic dance party.

Okay, time for…

“Chambermaid Swing” has one of the best riffs I have ever heard in a track! The erupting horns and the subdued piano make me feel like wearing a black hat, carry a smoking pipe and jump on to the dance floor. Also, did you know that the performances of the Parov Stelar band are one of the most impressive live conversions of electronic music currently to be seen anywhere in the world?

The music of Parov Stelar is so beloved that he is given credit for coining the term “electro swing” and has essentially built a movement out of it. Who even knew of this genre before his music prevailed? Now, isn’t that super?!?!?

Even though “The Mojo Radio Gang” takes my heart, I’m going to leave you with ‘Jimmy’s Gang’. Only because it sounds nice and flashy.

Just remember to ‘swing’…

Find out more about Parov Stelar at parovstelar.com and soundcloud.com

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