Phoreign Film : I’m So Excited


Kitsch, Madcap and Fun…. just three words which describe Pedro Almodóvar’s new film I’m So Excited.

Picture it, a plane heading to Mexico City from Madrid; two pilots begin to discuss the subject of gay sex. This in-depth discussion on the merits and pitfalls of sex covers all areas one would wish to know, from the mundane to the bizarre. If you’re of an orthodox persuasion it will probably make your eyebrows rise to the tip of your forehead, but this is what you get with Pedro Almodóvar, sexuality, in all its forms, is something to be embraced and dissected.

A scene from his latest film I’m So Excited, a visual carnival of high-octane comedy, delicious social observations and a whirlwind of camp escapism. No other Director could have made this film so enthralling as Almodóvar, a classic screwball comedy, containing all the best elements of the genre, topped by three outrageously camp stewards, who have mastered a perfectly executed dance routine to the Pointer Sisters “I’m So Excited.”

When it comes to cinema aesthetics, no one does it quite like Almodóvar. The visual splendour of the film demands that you pay attention, and lose yourself in this farcical fantasy. Almodóvar’s use of colour, bright hues that cover the screen, acts like a living canvas.

What also struck me was how well crafted the film is, each scene pirouettes to the next with effortlessness. The dialogue is sharp and witty; the humour is intelligently bonkers and the best kind of crude. I’m So Excited is a film which Almodóvar admits was partly inspired by his early days in Madrid, this was post-Franco Spain, when the miasma of strict social-conservatism had disappeared, and people were ready to embrace liberalism. In the circles which Almodóvar mixed, hedonism was explored in various ways; this was reflected in his films such as Kika, Pepi, Luci, Bom and Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!

Mixing together his usual recipe of pop culture references, social observation and psychological exploration, with his rediscovered sense of fun, Almodóvar has created one of the best films of the year with I’m So Excited. Keeping us amused as well as making us think.

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