Classic Fever – Super Film To Watch : Breathless

“All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun” – Jean-Luc Godard

Turn to Jean-Luc Godard for inspiration. Turn to À bout de souffle, or Breathless. Turn to this 1961 film for this is sheer style. It is guns, and girl and a bad guy, all of them entwined in a romantic drama. It is a seminal work in the history of French New Wave Cinema that will leave an imprint.

Godard doesn’t follow rules of film making in the making of this film. Scenes are jumped, extended conversations that people perceive to be boring, and to top all of that it is black and white. Take all your perceptions on cinema away and watch Breathless, it is glamour, it is the birth of the new, it is the runaway child of cinema who stands out with arms akimbo even in the year 2014. Yes, it is victorious in every sense of the word.

While you sit and stare at your black and white screen as it gets filled with cigarette smoke and conversations, you will come to realize that cinema is just a medium of sight and sound, how you present it is entirely up to you.

You can buy its original DVD just for the sake of being a cinema lover. No, it is not available on

If inspiration is what you seek, then turn to Godard.

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