Nitin Sawhney knighting at the Royal Albert Hall


Not enough is written about this quantum composer, producer and conductor. If you haven’t already sniffed it out, he’s going to be playing at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Again. September 21st. The new album is called Dystopian Dream.  (But we won’t hold the title against it because it’s actually rumoured to be rather fantastic.)

Not many desis in the 143 storied years of Queen Victoria’s* Royal Albert Hall.  This should give you some indication of the esteem with which Nitin Sawhney is regarded in the realm.  Rivaled only, perhaps, by the respect he is given by his peers in much of the world. To us it appears he is a manifestation of Indian(ish) musical genius with a legacy as large as any Indian(ish)** composer ever. Add that the lad has a palindrome for a first name and, well, as Queen Victoria herself often said: That’s just bad ass.

*For you chotoos, Queen Victoria used to be the Empress of India back when it was a bigger country. But that’s another story.
**Nitin is a British Indian. Hence Idianish.
Which would make an Indian American what?
Send an e to with your ideas.
Correct answers and interesting responses will get a free a tee-shirt from the world-(in)famous Venice (Los Angeles) boardwalk.

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