Ever since Aam Aadmi Party’s smashing victory at the Delhi elections, India mein kuch adbhut (incredible) ho raha hai! Well-tailored jackets and designer wear are passé. The SUVs and sedans are for the pompous ass. The superhero shit is finally over! The highfalutin has given way to a common man’s trendsetting lifestyle and Arvind Kejriwal’s haute couture is on meteoric rise.

The untucked, checkered shirt with the Nehru topi atop is India’s latest fashion fancy. But the swarming popularity of Kejriwal’s iconic chic-grey muffler gingerly wrapped over his head has become a national rage. And the city’s CM as their show-stopper, the pan-chewing, kohl-eyed hawkers in the crammed lanes of Sarojini Nagar and Lajpat Nagar cannot stop smiling at their soaring sales. Delhi mundas are now spending hours in front of the mirror perfecting their sarkari babu look.

The mango man’s zing is burgeoning everywhere. The shy Indian jhaadu, always tucked in the corners of the house is guffawing at the endless adorning glances. The corporate culture is now embracing a new management rule—to sit at the dharna. Kaushami is the new South Delhi. The snazzy collegers feel speaking Hindi is kwel and after selfie, sanskar is the hottest contender for the word of the year. Bollywood directors are frantically scanning scripts on the most inventive subject ever—aam aadmi.
And every so often, in the now deserted alleys of the Seventh Avenue, an aghast fashion industry meets in condolement. With rapt attention and a silent prayer on the lips, the designers hold their breath in anticipation of what’s coming next from the CM’s closet. Voila! here it opens.

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