Soonoh: Darkside


Darkside is a collaboration between electronic musician/producer Nicolas Jaar and guitarist Dave Harrington. This album’s sound reeks of a disintegration of some sort. It is like a bunch of synths playing by themselves, and breaking down intermittently and yet managing to get their act together and play together in sync. It gives an impression of being an ambient piece but then Jaar’s falsetto vocals and Harrington’s muted guitar playing pulls your attention and ensure you stay confused about the genre. Each song almost fades in and out of each other and the entire album seems like an attempt at telling a single musical story. The album packs so much brilliance and music within mere forty minutes that the brevity is lost on the listeners, as the experience seems so fulfilling and trippy.

Func guitars, broken circuit noises, R&B vocals, electronic effects, sweet bluesy licks, tribal percussions – there is hardly anything which follows logic of coherence and yet Jaar manages to layer them down together and play out in harmony.

The word “Darkside” and “Psychic” immediately brings to mind any possible connection with Pink Floyd. Sonically the albums might be miles apart but one can totally imagine Darkside as a stoner’s delight.

We really liked most songs, ranging from the hummable and danceable old school sounding “Paper Trails” to the bluesy “Metatron” and from the slow disco-like “Golden Arrow” to the fun “Heart”. Oh forget what you just read. Go hear the whole thing!

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