SoonOh : Ocean – Nischay Parekh


The first thing that strikes you about Ocean is that the songs have such catchy melodies and hooklines that you can’t stop humming them over and over again even after the song is over. Talk about setting a can of earworms loose with an album! Pardon me for the imagery I just created, it is another mental remnant from Ocean. Parekh creates a world wherein he croons with a childlike innocence about, among other characters – a goat, a frog, a ghost and a panda.

Out of all the tags Parekh tries to pigeonhole his album in, Lullaby seem the most apt. Short stories of a different world. The album is reminiscent of childhood. Be it the nature inspired elements it evokes or something as subtle as the Gameboy sounds on Newburry street. Ocean is very inventive with the musical instruments it uses and the sound design within the pop structure of the album. Soft synth washing over prominent bass lines and clean and sweet vocals make this album an aural treat meant for easy listening pleasures.

Ocean gets additional brownie points for sampling Woody Allen off Annie Hall in the song Hill. The song talks so naively about popping pills to prevent murder; what better than Woody Allen’s voice to accompany the neurotic behaviour.

Ghost is one song where he lets the mellow mood thrive longer than usual. It gives a heartache when you least expect it in an album full of happy songs.

We recommend ‘Panda’, ‘I love you baby’, ‘Philosophize’, ‘Me and You’ and ‘Ocean’. But what do we know? Grab your earphones and hunt out your earworms!

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