SoonOh : Solctice


With oodles of references to the Sun in the album title, songs and the artwork, to say that Vru Patel’s Solstice is out of the world would be banal. Even with such abstract themes and spacey sounds, the groovy basslines keep you grounded in the music and make the album very accessible. Layers of instruments keep adding to a choral Synth Pad playing in the background holding the songs together.

Patel’s clean vocals stand firmly in contrast with the warm and fuzzy synths, muddy ambience and distorted guitars and guide you down intergalactic rabbit holes one song after the other. His genius shines out in the longer tracks of the albums (Solstice, the song is 12 minutes long) where subtle addition of layers build up and shift moods in as the the song proceeds.

Solctice is an electronica heavy rock album with a modern sound and a damn neat production job. It is like a long journey that ends with you waking up to your life as the title of the song ‘Everything Fades to a Dream’ suggests.

We recommend the album in its entirety to you. Go grab the free download at

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