Terrorist In A Tiara


Nina Davuluri is what desi Americans from Silicone Valley to Wall Street are whispering about when there are no white people in the room. It’s a tricky thing to discuss with those outside the Indian condition. While it’s disconcerting that young Indian American peeps are lured into pageantry of this kind, and annoying that the slanderers didn’t have the decency to slur young Nina accurately (calling her an Arab and such), it’s also a little bit  gratifying to see a smart, hot homegirl win an iconically American title like that. That pageant shit is like cricket for housewives in the States, and it’s a big deal in a bad way for a lot of old school white Americans that a ‘terrorist’ won the tiara. Beauty pageants are an ugly idea. Nothing good often comes of them. Except, arguably, money. Which can be useful. As it has for Ms. Davuluri and her pursuit of a higher education. But let’s not give her too much credit, she could have made hell of a lot more money stripping. In our dreams, Nina drops out of med school to marry a rising young cricketer from the Mumbai Indians. They settle down in Southern California to have lots of attractive, well-spoken, athletically gifted, Indian American children. Face it yaar , two more generations and we’ll fucking own the place.

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