SoonOh : Func vs Pentagram – Skank Be The Rock


It is easy to miss out Randolph Correia playing the guitar or his Roland SP-555 when Vishal Dadlani and Monica Dogra take center stage and go crazy. But it is also stupid.

Being the musician and producer with two of the most innovative Indian indie acts – Pentagram and Shaai’r and Func, his track record forces us to lap up what he is shelling out. His latest offering is a ‘Remix’ album wherein he has re-worked on some of the popular Pentagram songs. Though he shies away from the tag of ‘remix’, it is tough to not think of them as that when you have already heard and are in love with the original Pentagram songs. But boy! were we wrong or what?

A few songs into the album and you really forget you’re listening to the high in energy, edgy compositions of Pentagram. Randolph has succeeded in stripping the original songs of their hyper energy and giving them a laid back reggae twang. If Pentagram is the stuff you jump around to, Skank Be The Rock is something you just put and chill out on a long drive or if you are one of the luckier ones – on a beach!

Its tough to believe that the vocals are sampled off the original albums and not re-recorded. They seem to fit so well with the reggae beats and vibes.

We recommend ‘In my head’, ‘Lovedrug Climbdown’, ‘Tomorrows decided’, ‘Must I’ and ‘Voice’.

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