Dirty Talk : Gay Pride Desi Style


India’s gay community have taken it up the arse for a long time. Imams call for amputations, pseudo-swamis chant hate, politicians point and scream. Bigots are as old as cockroaches and they don’t look to be leaving the realm anytime soon.

Gaysifamily.com is a digital platform for the gay desi. The gay Indian voice, no less. Your parents never would have imagined desis like this would have any voice at all. It’s a brave new India, bhai. As if that wasn’t provocative enough, the collective  appear to be taking their brand of love to the streets, with something called Dirty Talk. Say that with a heavy Indian accent three times. Feels bad in a good way, no?

Don’t mention it to mummy and daddy, but there’s a Dirty Talk going down in Mumbai on September 15th. If you happen to be a gay brown sub-continental, you might want to attend. Dirty Talk (driven by Gaysi Family) aspires to bridge the distances between spaces marked gay and straight. Which means if you’re straight and don’t hate gay people you could go to Dirty Talk too. In our experience these gays know how to throw a party.

Visit the Dirty Talk deviants here – gaysifamily.com

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