Festival Watch : Ziro Festival


Festivals, they’re all about outside music, mind bending drugs, and drunken sex with groupie chicks, right?  Well what if it’s in the Ziro valley in Arunachal Pradesh and takes 7000 hours to get to?

Now in its second year, Ziro Festival aspires to be India’s answer to Glastonbury and Benicàssim. With a line up of bands every hipster would sell his skinny jeans to see, including Sonic Youth, Shaa’ir + Func and Menwhopause, it’s off to a decent start.

Ok, maybe not exactly 7000 hours but it’s a trial to get to and, just like any good festival, the food will ravage your colon, but hey, you don’t have to eat a lot when the alcohol’s so abundant and there’s shitloads of live music to trance out to while you dance your stoned arse around in the mud. Plus you could ask your mum to pack you a tiffin or something. It’s fucking Sonic Youth, for Christ’s sake.

Arunachal Pradesh may not be the next Glastonbury, but it could be an entirely new type of festival, and it could be just the thing festivals need to get past the reputation for sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. Or maybe not. We dare you and your colon to go find out for yourself. Tickets now available at zirofestival.com.

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