Six Insights from Anand Gandhi


We caught up with Indian cinema’s man of the moment, Anand Gandhi, writer and director of Ship of Theseus. Speaking to us via Skype, Anand, as ever, was full of ideas and introspections. Though many subjects were touched on and he was inspiring in every sense, we’ve crystalised the conversation into six insights that we serve here for your enjoyment and further enlightenment.

On creativity:

“I’m not a filmmaker. I think if I stuck to making films I would get bored, there are so many different avenues out there to explore.”

On the industry:

“Today, most films just appeal to our basic instincts, it’s all about instant gratification.”

On Film:

“Film should be a repository of ideas and innovation.”

On inspiration:

“I’m fascinated by human behaviour and more specifically the atoms that make us what we are.”

On Ship of Theseus:

“Yes it’s a drama, but I’m not too keen on categorisation, I think that tends to stifle what you want to do.”

On influences:

“There’s something genuinely beautiful about Bergman’s oeuvre, his films speak to the deepest recesses of our conscience.”

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