Band Crush: Shaa’ir + Func


Mumbai’s club scene is being shaken to the foundations with a genre-defying electronica generated by a new breed of creators. The band that’s causing much of that movement is alternative electronica duo, Shaa’ir + Func.

There’s nothing ordinary about Randolph Correia and Monica Dogra, the creative pilots flying Shaa’ir + Func. Legend has it that the two met in 2005 at sunrise after a party in central Mumbai. The chemistry reacted instantly and Shaa’ir + Func were born that very day.

Impossible to box into any one genre, they break boundaries, melding indie-rock, funk, alternative, and trip-hop, cradling it all in the expansive arms of electronica.

Their back catalogue is like a gene pool of genre-bending surprises. From New Day: The Love album to their latest, Mantis, they know just how to evade expectations, first catching you off-guard than totally captivating you.

Appearing at Ziro Festival in September, Shaa’ir + Func seems poised to capture the attention of a new generation of electronica devotees.

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