Apna Aakraman


If you’re a Mumbaikar and you still haven’t caught a glimpse of our very own desi-ishtyle superhero Aakraman, well then you bloody missed the ‘asli don of aamchi Mumbai.’

Mihir Desail and Rahul Desai have delivered a five minute film about a pretty singular superhero in Aakraman, the tale of a man trying desperately to protect Mumbai from the sin that seethes in its streets. Possibly.

The masked avenger Aakraman—played by the writer Rahul Desai—is a common man hell-bent on protecting his city from predators that may or may not actually exist. A crew follows the righteous Aakraman around on his nighttime missions documenting his efforts to enforce justice.

Ghabraiye maat aapna naam pata khabar bolo bus.” after listening to the response he confirms, “Khabar paaki hai.” This is either really good or just as bad as desi Spiderman. Give it five minutes and decide for yourself. 

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