Mumbai Confidential Kills @Comic-Con


Saurav Mohapatra and illustrators, Vivek Shinde, Vinay Brahmania and Devaki Neogi, the creative minds behind the Mumbai Confidential series, have delivered a gorgeously dark unfolding that explores the sometimes frightening, often conniving world of the Mumbai Police.

Tapping into an increasingly voracious appetite for art-fuelled fiction, Mumbai Confidential doesn’t lift from India’s past, choosing instead to adopt a Western sensibility infused with the intensity and colour of Dev Anand films from the 60’s and 70’s.

Evidenced by the runaway success of the Bangalore Comic-Con, graphic novels have hit their stride in India. Saurav, Vivek, Vinay and Devaki were at the Bangalore event signing hundreds of their books for adoring geeks from all walks of comic life. Quickly emerging as the belle of the ball, Mumbai Confidential is an amalgamation of the all the juicy must-have qualities you look for in a good graphic fiction: A solid story, gripping drama, and exceptional artistry.

The Hindustan Times called them “the original ‘bad boys’ of Mumbai,” and David Lloyd, writer of V for Vendetta, summed up the series with this succinct review: “Gritty art and powerful writing.”

A global phenomenon, Comic-Con is a singular opportunity for devotees of action fantasy to fuel their fires with camaraderie and collaboration. For everybody else it’s a place to get lost in parallel worlds of superheroes, villains, and art imitating life imitating art.

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